Time to Rise

A new Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus in Saskatoon is a once-in-a generation opportunity to create a 21st century, modern learning environment that supplies the expert workforce for existing and emerging industries. 

With your support, we can empower our graduates with the education and hands-on learning necessary to succeed in their jobs, communities and life. Together, we will create an accomplished talent pipeline to help grow the economy and increase our competitiveness in attracting investment to Saskatchewan and Canada.

Join the campaign to deliver a practical, technology-rich learning experience to Saskatchewan Polytechnic students in flexible spaces that can be adapted to meet future needs.

Unlimited Potential but Limited Capacity

The capacity to deliver high quality education to meet growing needs in Saskatoon is at risk. Outdated and insufficient facilities, costly redundancies, and inefficient delivery of student services impede our ability to continue fueling economic growth and provide skilled graduates.

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Saskatoon Campus opens. Over the past six decades, use of the original building and the addition of ten decentralized outdated buildings have limited future potential.

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Eleven decentralized, inefficient, outdated buildings are unable to fulfill rising demand for over 90 programs.

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A technology-rich, multidisciplinary campus hub draws investment, talent, and students to Saskatchewan’s Innovation Corridor.

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The outdated Saskatoon campus is a barrier to modern training

Existing facilities purpose-built for the 1960s economy do not allow the flexibility and adaptability required to respond to current and future learning needs.

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A modern, applied learning environment is critical for success

A new Saskatchewan Polytechnic campus in Saskatoon means transforming the existing network of 11 decentralized, inefficient, outdated buildings into a technology-rich, multi-disciplinary hub that will draw investment, talent and more students to Saskatoon.

Centralizing the campus buildings will create a modern learning environment and an exceptional education experience for all students.

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Together, we will strengthen the economic potential of Saskatchewan

Demand for Saskatchewan Polytechnic graduates continues to increase as Saskatchewan industry requires an energetic, educated workforce.

A centralized, technology-rich, multi-disciplinary campus offering a modern learning environment will be a centre of excellence in applied research and learning and prepare job-ready graduates.

Locating the new Saskatchewan Polytechnic Campus near Innovation Place on the grounds of the University of Saskatchewan sets the stage for an “Innovation Corridor”.  We are creating a centre of excellence in applied learning and research by bringing together businesses, entrepreneurs, students, and other educational institutions.

More Than Bricks and Mortar

Saskatchewan Polytechnic has a bold plan to meet the needs of the future in a new modern Saskatoon campus.

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six tenets of the new campus build: promoting innovation, cultivating creativity, modernizing learning, integrating technology, future proofing, optimizing learning space

Immediate and long-term economic benefits

Construction of a technology-rich, multi-disciplinary campus hub means increased job-ready graduates. 95 percent of our graduates get jobs, and over 90 percent stay in Saskatchewan.

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Students require an enriched learning experience

Programming is currently delivered at multiple locations so learners receive unequal levels of core services, are unable to take advantage of program synergies, and are limited of a rich campus experience.

Moving from a campus spread across 11 locations to a technology-rich, multi-disciplinary campus invites a strong student presence and inspires innovation, collaboration, and inclusiveness.


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Rising Up to Saskatchewan’s Plan for Growth

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Our graduates contribute an average of $2.6B to Saskatchewan’s economy annually

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is focused on contributing to the province’s growth agenda and does this by responding to the needs of industry, championing institutional and industry collaboration on applied research, and supporting labour market development.

One of every 19 jobs in Saskatchewan is supported by the activities of Saskatchewan Polytechnic and its students, contributing approximately $2.6 billion in income to the provincial economy.  

Educating and training our students in Saskatchewan, in close collaboration with industry representatives, with relevant skills mean Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a key driver of the provincial economy. The Saskatoon Campus will contribute to new jobs and to the GDP and federal government revenues. Most importantly, the new campus will increase graduate retention and the capacity necessary to fuel industry growth, ultimately empowering a thriving Saskatchewan.

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